Rod Stewart’s English Mansion Finally Sold

After nearly three years on the market, English singer and song writer Rod Stewart has found a buyer for his country house in Essex, England. An online listing for Rod Stewart’s mansion, which is located in the city of Epping, now shows it as “recently sold.” No information has been released on the lucky buyer as of yet, or what the final selling price was. Let’s take a look at Rod Stewart’s English mansion that someone else will soon be calling their home.

Sale History


Sale History Rod Stewart's English Mansion Finally Sold
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Local property records reveal that the highly acclaimed singer purchased the mansion in 1986. It is listed under his full legal name, Roderick David Stewart. Stewart reportedly paid 1.2 million pounds for the incredible estate over 30 years ago. He called the residence home for a long while. Rod Stewart’s English mansion was listed in 2016, with a selling price of 7.5 million British pounds ($10 million). The price dropped over the years, and the listing price at the time of the sale was $4.7 million pounds or approximately $6.1 million US dollars.

Why is This Estate Special?


Why is this Estate Special? Rod Stewart's Mansion Finally Sold
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The sprawling historic mansion was built in the 1800s. It features a Jacobean style, with heavy oak mullions and detailed pargetting. Pargetting is patterned plasterwork which is commonly found in Easy England Counties. The large bay windows are fully leaded. The creation is a collaboration between architects Walter Ernest Tower and Charles Eamer Kempe. Kempe was also a successful Victorian stained glass designer, and the home preserves several excellent examples of his work. The home is historically notable, as well. Local legend tells that Winston Churchill stayed here during World War II.

A Glimpse Inside


A Glimpse Inside Rod Stewart's English Mansion Finally Sold
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The main residence of Rod Stewart’s mansion has six bedrooms, six full bathrooms, and five half bathrooms. Antique stone fireplaces are in many of the bedrooms. The main house is spread over three floors of living space, for a total of 10,000 square feet of home.
The entrance to the mansion opens into a massive foyer with a beautifully detailed wood staircase. The stairs lead to a 30-foot long drawing room. This room, like many of the others, has a meticulously detailed plaster ceiling. A carved stone fireplace that dates to the early 1600s is a handsome focal point for this room. A smaller sitting room, perfect for small gatherings, is also nearby.
The dining room is also spectacular. The ceiling is detailed with gold leaf. The antique leaded stained glass bay windows are one of a kind. The kitchen is more modern and designed by Clive Christian. It features a refrigerated flower storage room, among many other high-end features. The breakfast room adjoins the kitchen. This dreamy area has a vaulted ceiling that is painted to resemble a cloudy sky. Other features of Rod Stewart’s English mansion include a game room, a bar and lounge, a library, and a theater with surround sound.

The Grounds


The Grounds Rod Stewart's Mansion Finally Sold
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The estate sprawls over 17-acres of pristinely manicured land in the charming countryside just outside London. There are multiple incredible features on the grounds of Rod Stewart’s former mansion. The new homeowners will enjoy a private boating lake, complete with its own jetty. Rose gardens are beautifully designed and have been maintained meticulously. Like many estates, this one has a tennis court but offers even more. Stewart’s newly sold mansion even has a full-sized soccer pitch on the grounds.

If you love Rod Stewart’s English mansion, you might have to wait a while for it to come back on the market. For more fabulous celebrity owned properties like Rod Stewart’s mansion, take a virtual tour with us. Learn more in our article about the eight celebrity homes you can rent on your next vacation.

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