Luxury Bedding and a Makeover

We recently shared some of our favorite luxury bedding designers in our article about the most luxurious night’s sleep.  Today we’re adding another designer to our list of top luxury bedroom designers:  Lili Alessandra.

Founded by Sandra Hernandez Yedor, Lili Alessandra shares that “At Lili Alessandra, we have the privilege of working with highly skilled artisans who translate each of our painstakingly detailed designs into magnificent works of art. Through their craft we have developed a complete line of highly embellished decorative pillows that are hand embroidered and adorned with a range of semi precious stones, such as tiger’s eye, amethyst, and garnets.”  They also offer a Hand Printed Collection that allows clients to customize any design as they like.

Sandra shares several decorating tips on her personal blog.  In a recent post, she shares how to make your bed perfect.  Since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, Sandra believes that starting the day off correctly begins with having a well-made bed, one that makes you feel like you’re in a luxurious oasis.

Sandra’s Advice

  1. Choose good sheets that match your space.
  2. Start with quilted velvet coverlets and pillows that are machine washable.
  3. Use European pillows to add depth and color to the space.
  4. Add a coordinating duvet at the end of the bed.
  5. Add a decorative pillow, or two!
  6. Make a statement with a throw or bed scarf.

You can read and view Sandra’s detailed advice in her video post here.


Luxury Bedroom Makeover
Photo courtesy of Lili Alessandra


The design team at Lili Alessandra recently teamed up with fashion blogger Tori Johnson of The SToriBook to provide a luxury bedroom makeover.   This short video offers some simple tips on how to make your bedroom more luxurious.  It also explains how you can enter the Lili Alessandra luxury bedroom makeover contest.



Once your dream bedroom is luxuriously furnished, you’ll be ready to try out our tips on how to get a good’s night sleep.  Then you’ll be ready to dream in luxury on your own luxury bedding.

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Luxury Bedding and a Makeover