The Collector’s List: Luxury Leather Furniture

Leather furniture, in the right style, is timeless, classic, and only gets better with age. From traditional to contemporary to transitional to modern, leather works in nearly every application when it comes to furniture. We’ve selected our group of favorites that will be at home with anyone working on a collection of stunning leather furniture.

Florence Knoll Sofa


The Collector’s List: Luxury Leather Furniture
Photo courtesy of Knoll


A design as simple, classic, and recognizable as they come, this mid-century modern sofa was designed by Florence Knoll. Our pick for this class would be the black Volo leather as pictured.


With a spare, geometric profile—an expression of the rational design approach Florence Knoll learned from her mentor, Mies van der Rohe—the sofa is utterly modern and totally timeless.


You can add this classic to your collection for about $15,000.

Edra’s Chiara Chair


The Collector’s List: Luxury Leather Furniture
Photo courtesy of Edra


Edra bills itself as “ the evolution of modern technology and artistic tradition.” A look through their furniture collection showcases the fact that they create pieces “that adapt to all kinds of spaces, contemporary or traditional homes, public venues, international museums.” Designed by Francesco Binfaré, Edra’s Chiara chair is a standout favorite of ours. One look and you just want to collapse in it. At the same time, the design is simple, subtle, and also sublime. As each chair is custom made to your specifications, you’ll need to request a price quote.

1970s French Director’s Chair


The Collector’s List: Luxury Leather Furniture
Photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware


While it may be a reproduction piece, Restoration Hardware nailed it with this one.


We’ve recreated a French design from the 1970s, preserving its neoclassically inspired X-shaped frame ascending into an oval at the seat’s base, and realistically replicating the soft patina of age.


Of course, they have a wide range of dining chairs in many different styles, but there’s something classic and also sexy about this one.

Altamond Sofa


The Collector’s List: Luxury Leather Furniture
Photo courtesy of Marco Polo Imports


Anytime a chair, loveseat, or sofa in the Chesterfield style is introduced, whether true to the style or inspired by it, we take a closer look. From the formal sitting room to the casual den, Marco Polo Imports’ Altamond sofa is one that will only look better as it ages. Sit on it, lounge on it, break it in, this leather will only look better and better over time. That makes this piece the perfect collector’s piece.

Harley Sofa


The Collector’s List: Luxury Leather Furniture
Photo courtesy of Roger + Chris


Another classic design from an innovative furniture maker. Their tagline is “Home of the Unboring Home” and it is also their specialty. You’ll find their work all over the country in homes and hotels. Each piece is fully custom and also American made. One of our favorites out of many is their Harley Sofa which features a shelter arm and channel tufting.


Inspired by revolutionary General Motors auto designer Harley Earl, Harley exudes sixties cool with a compact, rectilinear form, stunning channel tufting on the backrest and inner arms, and a range of elegant legs, including wood, stainless steel, and brass. Like Earl’s pioneering designs — he invented “concept cars” and the stunning interiors that came along with them — Harley’s luxurious tufting is designed to wow. It’s the next big thing after Mid-Century Modern, and we’re in love.


We are also in love especially as configured in the photo in Dakota Modern Saddle leather with bench cushion and brushed brass stiletto legs. Starting at around just $1,800, this is one of the most affordable, yet beautiful pieces on our list.

As a collector, what do you look for in a piece of leather furniture? Are style and design more important to you or is it about the designer and the design house? For more on furniture collection, you might also read our article on luxury Italian furniture.

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The Collector’s List: Luxury Leather Furniture