A Wine Room: Storage for Your Collection

You have spent years amassing an envy-inducing collection of fine wines, but where do you store it?  A fabulous wine collection deserves an equally fabulous wine room in which to live.  Before you design your own wine room, take these things into consideration.  They will help you create a room that will safely keep your collection stored so that it continues to increase in value.

Custom Bottle Storage


A Wine Room: Storage for Your Collection
Photo courtesy of Revel Custom Wine Cellars


The most important job for a wine room is to keep your collection safe and in optimal condition.  Whether you decide to design custom storage for your wine room or choose pre-made storage units, you will want to choose the best possible storage for your collection.  Custom wine cellar designs, like those from Revel Custom Wine Cellars, allow you to tailor-make your wine room to the demands of your collection.  Choose from sliding drawers, rotating shelving units, or their unique wine wheel design.


We take wine storage and the design of your cellar very seriously and consider it the key to attaining a purpose-built space. Our cellar design team works with you, your interior designer, architect and/or builder to assure that you achieve an astutely crafted, custom wine cellar worthy of your collection.


Modular Bottle Storage


A Wine Room: Storage for Your Collection
Photo courtesy of Stact


For a more modern look, you might consider a modular storage unit from Stact.  Their glass-enclosed wine rooms allow you to display your collection while still keeping the wine stored in optimal conditions.  Because of the design of the units, you are easily able to see the label of your wine at a glance, saving time when choosing the perfect vintage.  Purchase as many of the modular units as you need for your collection and your space.  The units range in price from $99-$129.


Fusing modern design and wine cellar technology, STACT glass-enclosed wine cellars are the ideal wine storage solution when it comes to showcasing wine, without compromise.  Boasting up to 40% more bottle capacity than traditional wine racks, STACT’s sleek yet sturdy aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame offers the highest-capacity on the market.


Cooling System

Storage is not the only part of your wine room that works to keep your collection in perfect condition.  A proper cooling system is imperative to ensure your wine remains at the optimal temperature.  Brands like WhisperKOOL build ducted cooling systems that maintain the exact temperature and humidity for your wine room.  Newer models even allow you to check on and adjust the temperature of your wine room from your smartphone.


Cellar construction is critcal to the proper storing and aging of your fine wines. A properly built wine cellar not only safeguards your wine, but also allows for efficient system operation.



In addition to temperature and humidity, another criterion that determines the quality of your wine cellar’s condition is the light. It should be of utmost importance in your wine cellar design. With the proper lighting, you are not only protecting your wines from any potentially damaging light sources, but you are also creating a pleasant aura to your wine room.


Companies like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars understand the importance of proper lighting in your wine room.  While you obviously want enough light in the room to read labels, any lighting that produces heat or UV rays can be harmful to your collection.  That is why most experts agree that LED lighting is the best choice for wine rooms.  Beyond that, you can choose the type of lighting that best suits your room; recessed lighting, track lighting or sconces all create different atmospheres within your room.

Tasting Room

If you have enough space in your wine room, we highly suggest adding a tasting area to space.  The tasting area can consist of as little as a wine barrel table and a pair of chairs or can be as grand as a full-length dining table with seating for twelve.  You need only determine what you will use the space for to decide on furnishings.  Is this space for you to sample wines on your own or do you hope to entertain large groups for social gatherings?

Once you have determined your exact needs, you can get to work designing your dream wine room.  Still looking to flesh out your collection, read our guide to what qualities oeneophiles look for in quality wine.

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A Wine Room: Storage for Your Collection