Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home

Anyone can dig a hole and make it into a pool, but when you have a luxury home, that just isn’t an adequate approach to what should be a backyard oasis. A luxury home calls for an equally luxurious pool and that means custom, custom, custom! Here are our favorite custom pools that have been created for luxury homes, perhaps they’ll spark your creative side so you can create a luxurious custom pool for your home.



Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home
Photo courtesy of Newmann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects


A few years back, the infinity pool was a jaw-dropper, but today, it’s become a classic. Not every home and landscape lends itself well to an infinity pool, but if you have the setting that does, how could you not put in an infinity pool? Imagine floating in this pool by Newmann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects on a warm summer evening and gazing at the city before you.



Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home
Photo courtesy of Artemis Landscape Architects


The habitat pool, known more commonly as a natural swimming pool, is a chemical-free, low-maintenance alternative to chlorine or saltwater pools. These pools are filtered by a planted, built-in biological filter that is separate from the swimming area. The best part is that it’s like having your own personal lake. You don’t need to drain or cover it up in the winter either, and if you live in an area that freezes, you can even ice skate on it in the winter! Artemis Landscape Architects created this natural pool offering the best of both worlds – a gorgeous, modern pool free of chemicals!



Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home
Photo courtesy of Frame Studio


Most of us don’t think of an indoor pool when we think of having a pool at home, but it’s a viable option, especially if you live in an area with volatile weather. The nod to Scandinavian design by Frame Studio (formerly Hwang DeWitt Architecture) in this Northern California home’s indoor pool has us wanting to jump right in.



Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home
Photo courtesy of Lutsko Associates


A reflecting pool is often used as a landscape element, but who says your swimming pool can’t be reflective, too? It then becomes a greater design element integrated into the overall style of your home. This lap pool by Lutsko Associates is a great example of one such reflecting pool and it was a great use of a narrow space, complete with a floating footbridge.



Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home
Photo courtesy of Medallion Pool Company


A poolscape is luxurious in and of itself. It is a great way to use dead space in a yard that would otherwise go unused as this poolscape technique combines a pool and landscaping. The poolscape pool is larger, blends into the landscape, is aesthetically pleasing, and uses more space, making that unused space functional. Medallion Pool Company created this stunning poolscape that makes you eager to jump in.

So are you feeling inspired yet? There are a wealth of custom pool options for your own custom pool to complete your luxury home. In which direction will you take your pool? Infinity, habitat, indoor, reflecting, poolscape, or another? Tell us about it.

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Custom Pools for Your Luxury Home