Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bathroom may be considered the brain. It’s where we start and finish each day and it’s where we prepare ourselves to look and feel our best. Luxury homeowners understand this and their bathrooms reflect that. Today’s bathroom trends in luxury homes focus on user experiences and hidden luxuries. Here are some of our favorites of the trends.

Soothing Color Palette


Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes
Photo courtesy of Rhonda Knoche Design


Spas have this one down pat, they create environments that are relaxing and soothing, largely with the use of color. Why not replicate this at home? A soothing color palette can do wonders for one’s sense of peace. Imagine waking up and stepping into your own private spa to prepare for the day. Soft creams, greys, light aquas, blues, and greens, all combine for this spa-like atmosphere. Portland, Oregon designer Rhonda Knoche created the serene spa palette pictured above.

Open Showers


Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes
Photo courtesy of Westlake Development Group


Open showers or showers without thresholds is a trend so simple it seems as though we should have been doing it for years. The idea is a seamless entry into your shower, an open concept for the shower, with no obstruction and no break up of the flow of your bathroom. The stunning shower and tub area by Westlake Development Group that was featured in their 2015 Street of Dreams Home.  It is a perfect example of the threshold-free open shower concept. You may want to visit Westlake Development to see more of this beautiful home.

Room with a View


Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes
Photo courtesy of 10 Sullivan


A bathroom isn’t usually thought of as one of the rooms in your home that needs a view, but someone living in a luxury high-rise in a city would disagree. Why not capitalize on sweeping views of the city as this master bathroom at 10 Sullivan in New York’s SOHO district does? You’ll also note the open shower with no threshold as another excellent example of this trend.

Multiple Shower Heads


Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes
Photo courtesy of Heartland Homes


Yes, one shower head will suffice and get you clean, but if you can have more, why not? Multiple streams of water coming at you from different directions feels indulgent and seriously rejuvenating. The shower pictured above will do just that with its dual shower heads. This shower is located in one of Heartland Homes luxury single family homes.

Smart Technology


Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes
Photo courtesy of


The smart revolution is all around us and most people are using smart technology for a multitude of reasons, why not extend that to the bathroom. There are many smart technology options for the bath including things as simple as showers with digital controls to remember your preferences, in-shower televisions and Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof and safe to use in the shower (how about catching the morning news while you’re in the shower?).  There is, of course, automated toilets like the Toto Nearest 750H pictured here that do everything from opening automatically to self-cleaning. Surely, smart bathrooms will continue to gain in popularity, in the meantime, we’re happy with the smart trend and love to see these smart technologies integrated into home bathrooms.

What are your favorite bathroom trends in luxury homes? Are they simple touches like a soothing color palette or are you ready to adapt to all that smart technology has to offer in your bathroom? For even more inspiration, read Must Visit Eco-Luxury Spas Around the World from our Eco-Luxury Ambassador, Ashlan Cousteau.

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Bathroom Trends in Luxury Homes