Contemporary Chairs: Our Picks for Luxury Living

Chairs are such versatile furniture items.  From the living room to the dining room, from the bedroom to the poolside, a great chair adds both function and style to any space.  Available in a vast variety of finishes and sizes, you can easily add gorgeous seating to your home by carefully selecting the finest chairs.  Please enjoy our selection of our favorite contemporary chairs for luxury living. We’ve included several of our favorite brands and styles, such as Cosway chairs, in this luxurious list.

Wolfgang Lounge Set


Luxury Furnishings
Image via Bloomingdales



From Huppé’s clean and streamlined collection, this elegant contemporary chair has a cozy wrap around back that is like a gentle hug.  The sleek and simple ottoman gives this Scandinavian inspired lounge set a classic yet contemporary look. Available at Bloomingdales, the Huppé Wolfgang Lounge set retails for $4,000.00.

Pavilion Exposition Chair


Contemporary Chairs: Our Picks for Luxury Living
Image via Modern in Designs



Made with premium Italian Aniline leather, the Pavilion Chair is a replica of the Barcelona chair created for the International Exhibition. The stainless steel frame, hand buffed to a mirror finish, is welded into a single piece, offering excellent durability. Also, the high-density cushion foams offer comfort and long-lasting style.  The Pavilion Exposition contemporary chair sells for just under $1,000.00.

The Hot Seat


Modern Seat for Luxury Homes
Image via Viesso



Add a fabulous design element to your pool or patio area with The Hot Seat.  This contemporary chair will keep you cool and comfortable.  The wire style chair is manufactured using hot-dip galvanized iron, which is rust free and extremely durable.  The Hot Seat is $3,450.00 at Viesso, and seat pads are available for an additional $250.00.

Bordeaux White Chair


Contemporary Chairs: Our Picks for Luxury Living
Image via CB2



This stunning tailored white contemporary chair makes a great first impression.  The handmade metal base with crossed legs creates an elegant base for the defined cushions.  The white upholstery has a tufted hexagon design and is also finished with welted detail. This chair is handmade so no two will be identical.  This CB2 exclusive item sells for $749.00.

Cosway Chair


Cosway Chair
Image via High Fashion Home



This modern take on the barrel accent chair is a great addition to a living room or bedroom space.  It would look lovely at a vanity, as well.  The clean lines, elegant shape, and crisp textures combine to create a seat that will add class to any room.  The Cosway contemporary chair is available at High Fashion Home for $1.499.00.

Saturn Chair


Modern Chair

Purchase armchairs and accent chairs on Houzz


This unique contemporary chair would make a smashing addition to a home bar area or to a man cave.  The design of the Saturn Chair is meant to symbolize the perfect equilibrium between the rings of the planet Saturn.  This Italian designed and handcrafted piece appears to defy gravity, while also offering comfortable seating.  The Saturn Chair is available at Houzz for $16,800.00.

LCP Lounge Chair


Image via All Modern


This exquisite lounge chair is named LCP, or “Low Chair Plastic”.  The chaise lounge is formed from a single extrusion of clear acrylic plastic, which folds back on itself to create the curved form pictured.  The flexible design yields comfortable seating, and the composition is such that it offers strength and also durability.  Featured in the Museum of Modern Art, this seating might take center stage in your home, rather than be an accent piece!  The LCP lounge contemporary chair is $2,450.00 at All Modern.

BOSC Repaus Armchair


Modern Chairs
Image via Anthropologie


This contemporary chair’s lovely shape might make it the most comfortable place to rest and unwind in your home.  The ample armrests and generous high back gives the armchair an elegant feel.  The BOSC Repaus Armchair is $2,300.00.

Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Swivel Chair


Contemporary Chairs: Our Picks for Luxury Living
Image via West Elm


Each Emmerson Swivel chair is one of a kind, thanks to the reclaimed pine that is used to craft it.  Rustic style meets modern comfort with this beautiful chair.  The solid wood frame supports and wraps around the comfy seat and also the back cushions.  The Emmerson chair is available at West Elm for under $900.00.

Worthen Sheepskin Chair


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Image via Neiman Marcus


Handmade by Old Hickory Tannery in North Carolina, the Worthen Sheepskin chair is a fabulous piece. The upholstery is cut and sewn entirely by hand, the nailhead trim is hand hammered, and the frame is solid hardwood.  The piece is solid and also well constructed, but what most will be talking about is the luxury finish on this chair.  It is inviting you to take a seat and relax.  You can purchase this chair for $4,999.00 at Neiman Marcus.

So, tell us, which of our picks for contemporary chairs is your favorite?  You might also enjoy our other contemporary furniture picks here.

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Contemporary Chairs: Our Picks for Luxury Living