The Collector’s List: Luxury Furniture Brands

The structure in which you live is your house, the things you put into it make it your home. So, it makes perfect sense that when you fill your home, you should fill it with pieces of quality that will showcase your affinity for luxury. To that end, here are several luxury furniture brands that should be part of your home collection. Enjoy this high end furniture brands list as you begin to shop for your home furnishings.

Boca do Lobo


The Collector’s List: Luxury Furniture Brands
Photo courtesy of Boca do Lobo


From the design eyes and minds of designers Amândio Pereira and Ricardo Magalhães, Boca do Lobo Exclusive Design was born. Their mission is to understand and interpret the past through technology and contemporary design. This mission is evident in the design and production of their luxury furniture brand. With a wide range of product lines, they design and produce – by hand – everything from coffee tables and sideboards to bathroom fixtures and luxury safes. One of our favorites is the sexy Mondrian sideboard in black.

Marc Newson


The Collector’s List: Luxury Furniture Brands
Photo courtesy of Marc Newson


Marc Newson has been called the most influential designer of his generation. Browse his luxury furniture brand portfolio and you’ll recognize so many amazing pieces. While his furniture isn’t particularly ubiquitous, when you come across one of his designs, you’ll want to add it to your collection. Our pick from his work is the Micarta Desk from the Gagosian Edition of 10. He describes it as a “winged desk machined from linen phenolic composite. Micarta is a natural material that is sensitive to ultra-violet light. Its rich tones will deepen with prolonged exposure.”

Baxter Luxury Furniture Brand


Stunning Furniture for your Home
Photo courtesy of Baxter


Baxter is a no brainer for any high end furniture brands list. Baxter is known for their modern takes on classic design styles, beautifully meshing the old with the new. Working with some of the greatest designers in Italy, Baxter produces everything from sofas and armchairs to tables and lamps, each piece making its own bold statement. One of our favorites is the Chesterfield-inspired Chester Moon sofa. While it’s beautiful in white (or, as they call it, Plume Blanc), it comes in a wide range of colors. So if you’re daring, go bold and opt for chartreuse or yellow.



The Collector’s List: Luxury Furniture Brands
Photo courtesy of Brabbu


Creating pieces that tell stories from around the world and right out of nature, Brabbu luxury furniture brand designs and produces art, lighting, rugs, furniture, and more. As a brand, they note that Brabbu “is present at the world’s most renowned design events with new versatile design products for eclectic environments that foresee the next trends.” A favorite among all their designs is the Brabbu Etna Rug. Inspired by its namesake volcano, the rug fits well into many decors but especially in an eclectic or contemporary setting.

Koket Luxury Furniture Brand


Brands to Covet
Photo courtesy of Koket


If glitz, glamour, and over-the-top design appeal to you, Koket is a high-end designer, luxury furniture brand, and producer of such quality pieces. Koket boasts that their “daring design aesthetic, high impact shows, lavish presentations and the notoriously risqué ad campaigns, have an uncanny way of conveying Koket’s mission which is to create highly desirable empowering statement pieces.” We’re enamored with the Koket Nymph Chandelier, of course.

Which of our suggestions will make it into your collection? Beyond the specific brands, you’ll also want to explore our favorite luxury furniture stores.

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The Collector’s List: Luxury Furniture Brands