Our Favorite Luxury Interior Designers

While owning top of the line automobiles and luxurious clothing elevates much of your life, having a truly well-designed home positively affects every aspect of your life.  How can you claim to be living the good life when your home is in disarray?  This is why having a home designed by a trusted interior designer is so important.  A talented designer can combine your personal taste with the characteristics of your home, brought together with their own artful hand.  The result is a space that is comfortable and stylish, functional and thoughtful.  These four people top our list of our favorite luxury interior designers.

Jean-Louis Denoit


Jean-Louis Denoit
Photo courtesy of Jean-Louis Denoit


Minimalism is not for Jean-Louis Deniot as neither is excess. Balance and osmosis is what he is after, offsetting the sometimes rigid facet of architecture with an inmost vision of refinement, comfort and openness making his creations around the world havens to revel in. For him, style equates lifestyle and must promote harmony and well being.


Master of French design, Jean-Louis Denoit creates magnificent interiors known for their sense of balance.  His designs draw from numerous design styles, and they strike a welcoming balance between minimalism and excess.  A Denoit-designs space is noteworthy for its use of interesting textures, muted tones, and pitch-perfect lighting.

Denoit worked on homes across the United States, from the Hamptons to Miami Beach to Beverly Hills.  He has taken his expertise around the world, designing interiors in New Delhi, Milan, and, of course, Paris. As a well-respected designer, both ELLE Decor and Architectural Digest have included him in their lists of preeminent talent in interior design.

Philippe Stark


Our Favorite Luxury Interior Designers
Photo courtesy of Philippe Stark


From the beginning his designs were never intended for the elite, but for society as a whole. He longs for democratic design, and proffers an illuminating definition: “Improving the quality while striving to make it accessible to the greatest number of people, at affordable prices.”


When you look up the term renaissance man in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Philippe Stark.  His brilliant mind has made him successful as an inventor, architect, designer and artistic director.  He designs everything from kitchen gadgets to mega-yachts, using his keen eye for functional and beautiful design. He is unrivaled with his vast repertoire as a luxury interior designer.

In the world of interior design, he has partnered with luxury hotels and restaurants to create truly innovative designs.  His work seeks to reinvigorate those who eat and sleep within them, to encourage their creativity.  Stark strives for ecologically friendly design, both in the creation of his pieces and in the purpose for his work.  In 1988, he designed a biodegradable lamp called the Miss Sissi lamp. Since then he has created more products made from recycled waste materials and plant-based materials.

Winners at the 2024 Olympics in Paris will actually be wearing medals designed by Stark.  Stark wanted the medals to be shareable with those who helped the athletes reach their Olympic dreams.  As such,  the medals actually split into several pieces so the winners can share their victories with their loved ones.

Stephen Sills


Our Favorite Luxury Interior Designers
Photo courtesy of Stephen Sills


Stephen Sills is a celebrated interior designer specializing in transforming interiors into timeless and unique environments for modern living. He approaches every project with sensitivity to the architecture, function, and history of the space, enriching the vision of the client. With a fresh approach to classicism, Sills brings together furnishings that span four centuries and innovative choices of surfaces, textures, and colors.


While Stephen Sills’ designs pay respect to the history and the architecture of the space, he tries to always create spaces that feel timeless.  Sills has designed spaces for clients including Vera Wang, Anna Wintour, Tina Turner, and also Lauren and Richard Dupont.  You can find examples of his work in private residences from Palm Beach to New York.  Architectural Digest actually named Sills as one of their AD100 as well as one of their “30 Deans of American Design.” Elle Decor also included him in their A List of the Top 25 Designers. It’s easy to see why he is in our top four list of luxury interior designers.

Madeline Stuart


Our Favorite Luxury Interior Designers
Photo courtesy of Madeline Stuart


A significant portion of the firm’s work focuses on architectural restoration and remodeling. Having established a reputation for meticulous attention to the myriad details of interior and exterior architecture, Ms. Stuart’s firm has been responsible for reversing years of neglect and damage to properties originally built by such well-regarded architects as Sylvanus Marston, Paul Williams and Gerald Colcord.


Designer Madeline Stuart’s has deep Hollywood roots.  Her father Mel Stuart directed the original Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory movie by her request.  He even included a small speaking role for his young daughter.  As an adult, Madeline Stuart grew to become a leading member of the Los Angeles design community.  While she creates spaces for private residences all across the country, she brings her laid-back California flair to every project.  Stuart’s inclusion in the AD100 and Elle Décor’s A-List mark her as one of the top interior designers in America today.

If you are looking for someone to bring some style to your space, look no further than our list of luxury interior designers.  These masters can bring your personality into your home.  So, which of these will you choose for your home?  Be sure to tell us in the comments!  Going for a minimalist look?  Try our picks for the top 5 iconic minimalist furniture designers as well.

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Our Favorite Luxury Interior Designers