You Won’t Believe These Celebrity Closets!

Closets are arguably the one place in your home that are just for you.  You don’t have to design your closet with partners or guests in mind…it’s a space that is all yours, so why not let it reflect your personality?  Whether starting from scratch or redesigning an existing space, there are many options for creating the luxury closet of your dreams.  To give you some design ideas, here’s a peek at how several celebrities have made their closets gawk-worthy.

Choose Materials That Will Stand the Test of Time

Mariah Carey’s luxurious closet features stunning marble floors and expensive Versailles-inspired furniture. “Like Louis Vuitton luggage,” she says, “it will only look better over time.”

Accessorize with Accents That Appeal to You

Nate Berkus infused his personal sense of style in his denim blue closet with vintage touches.  1960’s stools and mid-century French lighting lend to the authenticity of the vintage vibe of this well organized closet.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Christina Aguilera has two closets, one for shoes and the other for clothing.  She reveals that “everything on my shoe wall is grouped by designer-Louboutin, McQueen, YSL-all in their own little family. And there’s room for boots up top.”

Let Your Closet Be a Reflection of Your Sense of Style

Fergie had the opportunity to design her own closet from scratch, and she dubbed it “Fergieland”.  Fergie opted to organize her wardrobe by

Think Outside the Box

Former Texas beauty queen Theresa Roehmer is the owner of what might be the largest walk in closet ever.  More like a boutique than a closet, her closet space is 3 stories tall!  You don’t have to limit yourself to a square space…the skies the limit when designing the luxury closet of your dreams.

Have you been inspired by these celebrity closets yet?  For more tips and tricks to organize your dream closet, check out our post on the ultimate luxury closets.

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You Won't Believe These Celebrity Closets!