Your Ultimate Luxury Closet

All your fabulous Christmas presents need an equally luxe place to live, right?  Now is the perfect time of year to revamp your closet to make it more organized, more functional, and more spectacular. Step one is making sure you have the room for a large luxurious closet.  But before you start on a full closet remodel, make sure you plan to include all the luxury closet essentials.

Luxury Closet Essentials




Decoist shares their 7 essentials for a luxury closet from seating to built-in ironing boards.  The addition of these seven elements will guarantee your new closet is a space in which you will love spending time.

Luxury Closet Manufacturers

The most comprehensive post we found comes from Gentleman’s Gazette.  In addition to suggestions for design, lighting, and closet components, his fabulous resource offers budget, mid-price, and high-end manufacturers for your new closet.  Before you begin your remodeling plans, read this post!

America’s Largest Closet




Finally, if you need inspirational eye-candy, take a look at America’s biggest closet.  This 3,000 square foot, three-story closet belongs to a former beauty queen from, you guessed it, Texas.  The article also includes an interview with Theresa Roemer to find out which lucky people she allows to shop her closet!

If money and space were no object, what would your ultimate closet look like?

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Your Ultimate Luxury Closet